The project is about closing the loop for all EcoWelt products.

Main goal is to establish a collaboration between main stakeholders participating in all EcoWelt life cycle phases, from the production to the final phase – recycling.

The main project results are:

  • Customer’s position in line with the global sustainable development goals
  • Reduced amount of plastic waste in landfills
  • Higher percentage of sorted and recycled plastic packaging waste
  • Higher percentage of a new products made of recycled materials
  • Raising awareness of end users
  • Implementation of European Green Deal and Circular Economy Action plan

Potential stakeholders are plastic packaging producers, companies(customers) placing plastic packaging on the market, end users, waste collectors and recyclers.

Collaboration of all potential stakeholders and project implementation will accomplish real circular economy model.

EcoWelt team’s roll in this project is:

  • Project coordination
  • Project communication coordinator
  • Project’s marketing coordinator
  • Producer and recycler

If you are one of the potential stakeholders and would like to participate in such a project do no hesitate to contact us on